Whether you're interested in becoming your own boss for the first time or you're already an entrepreneur looking for a great new business opportunity, you've found the right place. It also just might be the right time. Elevacity is an up and coming "lifestyle company", elevating the lives of people everyday, hence the name "Elevacity". Our mission, in fact the reason we are in business, is to help you elevate your health, wealth and happiness. This page you have landed on is dedicated to the wealth part of the equation.

We believe, metaphorically, Elevacity is like a Ferrari. It's a high performance company that it already built. You just have to get in and drive. Watch this video...

Check out our Compensation Rewards Program, built with the home-based entrepreneur in mind.
Social Selling
From person to person to social networks online, you can earn substantial commissions, overrides and bonuses with Elevacity's Rewards Program.

Retail Profits
Earn 100% of the retail profit from online and offline sales efforts
Personal Product Credits
Earn free product from the sales of products to others
Team Based Overrides 8 Levels Deep
Our unilevel is one of the strongest in direct selling
Matching Bonuses For Personal Team Partners
Earn up to 50% of your Partner's commissions
Up To $170,500 In Advancement Bonuses
Cumulative one-time bonuses up to elevate your bank account
Up to $3,000 In Lifestyle & Car Bonuses
Monthly bonuses to elevate your lifestyle
Earn A Percentage Of Total Company Sales
4% of global company sales are available for Partners
Earn Health and Wellness Benefits
All Partners qualify for health benefits not available to the public
Earn a Family Vacation For Life
Up to $5,000 every year toward your family vacations